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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you're curious about getting started, managing your workload, or understanding the payment process, we're here to help!

EazyIron is a platform that offers ironing and dry cleaning services through a mobile application. Customers can easily register, place orders, and manage their ironing & dry-cleaning needs via the app.

A driver is someone who collects un-ironed clothes from the customer to be delivered to the provider for ironing and then collects the ironed clothes from the provider to be delivered back to the customer.

You can become a provider by downloading the EazyIron Driver app, registering your email ID / phone number, uploading the relevant documents and completing the background check process.

You can download the EazyIron Driver app from the respective app stores: App Store for iOS devices or Google Play Store for Android devices. Search for "EazyIronDriver", download the app, and then follow the installation instructions.

Once you have downloaded the app, you click on “Get Started” and then follow the steps below: Enter personal details including name, date of birth and email ID (to be verified). Enter your address. It will also ask you if your home address and work address is same or different. If different, you will have to enter both the addresses. Enter and verify your phone number. Enter your banking info for payments (Name as it appears in Bank account, Institute Number, Transit Number, Account Number). Choose your availability by selecting the shifts you can work. Upload the necessary documents.

During the profile setup, upload essential documents such as: Valid Driving License, Proof of Work Eligibility / Residency (e.g., Canadian Passport, Canadian Birth Certificate, PR Card, Work Permit, Study Permit), Valid Vehicle Registration Papers.

Please be patient. Our audit team is working on document verification. It normally takes 2-3 days and we will get back to you about this.

Unfortunately, we will need the required documents to process your registration.

Our audit team has shared the rejection reasons with you on your email. Please follow the instructions and upload the correct documents as specified.

Yes, you have to pay for background check.

No – if you have completed background check as a Driver, then we will consider the same for Provider registration also provided you have given the same documents. In case of different documents, you need to get the background check done once again.

Usually, it takes around 1-2 days for background check to be completed. You will get the notification on the app once it is completed.

Background check process is facilitated through a third party organization, Certn. If encountering issues during the background check process, please refer to the notification received from Certn and follow the instructions to facilitate resolution, clarification, or reevaluation.

At the time of registering yourself as provider, you can select the preferred time slots for each day of the week and you will be assigned shifts / work as per the selected time. Please note that our working hours will be between 8am – 8pm, and the shifts availability will be within this timeframe. You can always change this preference after signing up also.

Upon successful verification and approval of your profile, you will receive a confirmation notification or email from EazyIron indicating your authorized status as a driver within the platform.

Yes, you can contact the EazyIron support team to update or modify your residential address within the EazyIron Driver App to ensure accurate, current, and accessible location details for effective order management and coordination.

Regularly review, verify, and update your profile information, preferences, or details within the EazyIron DriverApp to ensure accuracy, relevance, and compliance with operational, regulatory, or organizational requirements.

Yes. To be an efficient driver, you would require certain tools / accessories to transfer clothes between the customer and the ironer, and to maintain the quality of service as expected by the customer. The accessories required are: A smartphone with data plan – essential to keep track of orders and deliveries. EazyIron Bags to pick the clothes from the customer and deliver them to the provider. Hanger Rod to hang the ironed clothes as received from the provider to be delivered to the customer.

Yes – it is necessary to buy them.

You need two bags so that you can work on multiple orders thus saving time and making more money. Having two bags ensure that chances of mixing up clothes are minimal.

Yes – since these are EazyIron products, you need to buy them from us.

Once you make the payment through the app, you will be notified by our team about the pick-up details [date, time, place] and you can pick these up as per the schedule.

Sorry - we cannot do that. You need to pay for this upfront.

Please treat this expense as a capital investment for your own business and it is just one-time cost which you would not be incurring again. We anticipate you recovering this cost within a week of working on active orders.

Once your profile is approved, you have to log- in the app which will allow you to pick up and work on the orders.

Promptly access the 'Incoming Order Details' section within the app to review essential information such as types of clothes, quantities, and scheduled times. Evaluate your operational capacity and confirm the order that you would like to work on.

Yes, based on your current workload, availability, or other constraints, you can accept to work on multiple orders. You have to ensure that accepting multiple orders should not affect your on-time delivery.

Once you have accepted the order, a notification will be sent to the customer as well as the provider that you would be working on this order. You need to ensure that you pick-up / deliver the items as per scheduled time.

After you have accepted the offer, the EazyIron App will generate a unique 'Confirmation Code'. Verify the customer’s identity and validate the successful pick-up / delivery using the provided security code.

As with the customer, after you have accepted the offer, the EazyIron App will generate a unique 'Confirmation Code' to be verified with the provider also. Verify the provider’s identity and validate the successful pick-up / delivery using the provided security code.

Though it is always recommended to consider all the circumstances before accepting the order, we do understand that due to some unforeseen situations, you may not be able to complete the order in time. In that situation, please get in touch the EazyIron support team and clearly explain the situation so that they can check with customer/provider and arrange a rescheduled delivery. Please ensure that you give at-least 6 working hours advance notice before the pick-up time and this notice has to be given within working hours of 8am-8pm. Please do note that this may impact your approval ratings.

If rescheduling the delivery time is not an option and you have to cancel the complete order, please get in touch the EazyIron support team and clearly explain the situation so that they can make alternate arrangements to complete the order. Please ensure that you give at-least 6 working hours advance notice before the pick-up time and this notice has to be given within working hours of 8am-8pm. Please do note that canceling an order under any circumstances would have a negative impact on your approval ratings.

Once an order is to either the provider or the customer, you can click on the “Complete Delivery” in the app to mark the order complete from your end.

Earnings are calculated, verified, and processed for payout based on the total distance travelled for each order, completed orders, service fees, deductions, adjustments, or other relevant factors determined by EazyIron's pricing, payment model, or guidelines. These earnings are shown as part of order details and the driver is made aware of the potential earnings if s/he chooses that particular order.

EazyIron does not apply any fees, deductions, or charges to drivers' earnings. The amount shown in the order details is what the driver gets for completing that order.

No. No taxes are deducted by EazyIron. The driver works as an independent contractor with EazyIron and is responsible for filling their own taxes with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

Drivers receive payouts on a biweekly basis from EazyIron, aligning with the established payment cycle, schedule, or terms specified within the platform or agreement.

Drivers can receive their earnings through direct deposits. The driver has to ensure the accuracy of banking details they have shared as part of the registration process.

Drivers can track their earnings or payouts within the EazyIron platform through the provider dashboard under the earnings tab.

In case of a missing payment or an incorrect payment, the driver should get in touch with the EazyIron support team so that they can take the appropriate action.

Drivers can optimize their earnings or maximize opportunities by maintaining high service quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, managing availability, participating in promotions or incentives, leveraging feedback or reviews, and continuously improving their skills or offerings based on market trends, demands, or preferences.

Drivers must adhere to EazyIron's standard service quality, guidelines, or specifications related to ironing, customer interactions, order processing, and other relevant aspects to ensure consistency, satisfaction, and compliance.

EazyIron implements various security protocols, including background checks, secure payment methods, encrypted communication channels, and strict adherence to data protection regulations and applicable privacy laws to ensure the safety and security of drivers.

As an independent contractor, the driver is responsible to maintain the relevant insurance coverage for self and the vehicle.

Drivers should immediately report any security concerns, breaches, or incidents to EazyIron's support or security teams for prompt investigation, resolution, or mitigation measures.

Drivers can communicate or collaborate with EazyIron's support teams through the app's chat support, email, phone, or designated communication channels to address concerns, resolve issues, seek guidance, or provide feedback related to service provision or operations.