An Alternative to Traditional Driving Jobs

Discover a unique driving opportunity with EazyIron, where transporting clothes for ironing and dry cleaning offers a refreshing change from the usual delivery jobs. With EazyIron, you're not just a driver; you're a vital link in our seamless service chain, ensuring clothes are perfectly pressed and promptly delivered. Enjoy a more personal, engaging driving experience with EazyIron, where every ride is about connecting people with the comfort of freshly cared-for garments.

Why be an EazyIron Driver?

Become an EazyIronDriver and navigate a path of flexibility, fair pay, and secure, straightforward operations. Join us and transform your driving into a rewarding journey, where every route is a step towards success.

  • You're the Boss

    Work on your terms.

  • Simplified Operations

    With just a garment bag and a vehicle clothes hanger bar provided by EazyIron, you're ready to hit the road.

  • Pick Your Shifts

    You decide when you work. Tailor your schedule to fit your lifestyle.

  • Fair Earnings

    Enjoy transparent, bi-weekly payments based on the number of completed orders, ensuring you're fairly compensated for your time and effort.

  • Community Role

    Be more than just a driver – become an integral part of the EazyIron community, helping to streamline the lives of busy individuals with your reliable service.

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What You Need to Start

Start your EazyIron journey with just a few basic requirements.
Ensure you're eligible, equipped, and ready to deliver top-notch service as an EazyIronDriver.


Be legally eligible to work.

Clean Background

Pass safety and trust checks.

Work Legally in Canada

Have the right to work in the country.

Driver's License

You have a valid driver's license.

Vehicle Registration

You have a valid vehicle registration certificate.

Have the Right Tools

Get equipped with the necessary delivery supplies.

Let’s download the app

Download the EazyIronDriver app now! It's your gateway to a flexible driving opportunity, where managing your pickups, deliveries, and earnings is just a tap away. Embark on your EazyIronDriver journey today and take the driver's seat in your career!

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you're curious about getting started, managing your workload, or understanding the payment process, we're here to help!

EazyIron is a platform that offers ironing and dry cleaning services through a mobile application. Customers can easily register, place orders, and manage their ironing & dry-cleaning needs via the app.

A driver is someone who collects un-ironed clothes from the customer to be delivered to the provider for ironing and then collects the ironed clothes from the provider to be delivered back to the customer.

You can become a provider by downloading the EazyIron Driver app, registering your email ID / phone number, uploading the relevant documents and completing the background check process.

You can download the EazyIron Driver app from the respective app stores: App Store for iOS devices or Google Play Store for Android devices. Search for "EazyIronDriver", download the app, and then follow the installation instructions.

Once you have downloaded the app, you click on “Get Started” and then follow the steps below: Enter personal details including name, date of birth and email ID (to be verified). Enter your address. It will also ask you if your home address and work address is same or different. If different, you will have to enter both the addresses. Enter and verify your phone number. Enter your banking info for payments (Name as it appears in Bank account, Institute Number, Transit Number, Account Number). Choose your availability by selecting the shifts you can work. Upload the necessary documents.

During the profile setup, upload essential documents such as: Valid Driving License, Proof of Work Eligibility / Residency (e.g., Canadian Passport, Canadian Birth Certificate, PR Card, Work Permit, Study Permit), Valid Vehicle Registration Papers.

Please be patient. Our audit team is working on document verification. It normally takes 2-3 days and we will get back to you about this.

Unfortunately, we will need the required documents to process your registration.

Our audit team has shared the rejection reasons with you on your email. Please follow the instructions and upload the correct documents as specified.

Yes, you have to pay for background check.

No – if you have completed background check as a Driver, then we will consider the same for Provider registration also provided you have given the same documents. In case of different documents, you need to get the background check done once again.

Still have any questions? Visit our full FAQs Section in Help Center