How To Use an Iron the Right Way

How To Use an Iron the Right Way
Mar 30, 2024

Ironing – a chore dreaded by many, yet loved by some. Achieving wrinkle-free clothes can be a rewarding experience, akin to a therapeutic session. But fear not, mastering the art of ironing is simpler than you think. With the right tools and techniques, you can transform your laundry into seamless, crisp garments effortlessly. Let's dive into the essentials of how to use an iron the right way.

Understanding Your Iron

In the realm of household electric irons, two main types prevail: dry and steam irons. Dry irons are lightweight and lack vent holes, suitable for lightly wrinkled fabrics like denim or silk satin. On the other hand, steam irons boast a water tank and steam vents, ideal for tackling stubborn wrinkles on cotton or linen. Understanding your iron's capabilities sets the stage for effective ironing.

Setting Up Your Iron

Setting up your iron is a breeze. For dry irons, simply plug in and select the appropriate temperature. Steam irons require filling the water tank with distilled water to prevent mineral buildup, followed by setting the desired temperature. A clean ironing surface, such as a padded ironing board, ensures optimal results and prevents staining clothes.

Preparing Your Clothes for Ironing

Before diving into ironing, ensure your clothes are clean and free from stains. Ironing slightly damp clothes or adding moisture with a steam iron aids in wrinkle removal. However, delicate fabrics like silk require special attention to avoid water spots. Checking the labels on your clothes helps you choose the right iron temperature.

Ironing Techniques

Ironing follows a systematic approach for optimal results:

1. Begin with the garment's largest flat section, ironing from the inside out.

2. Follow the fabric's grain to prevent stretching, adjusting pressure and moisture as needed.

3. Iron collars and cuffs from the inside first, avoiding zippers and embellishments to prevent damage.

4. Hang garments immediately after ironing to maintain their freshly pressed look.

Safety Precaution

Prioritize safety during ironing:

1. Avoid tripping hazards: Ensure the area around your ironing board is free from any potential tripping hazards, especially cords. Position the ironing board away from stretched cords to prevent accidents.

2. Never leave the iron unattended: It's crucial never to leave the iron unattended, particularly when there are children or pets around. Unsupervised irons pose significant safety risks, including burns or fires.

3. Prevent overheating: To avoid overheating, never leave the iron flat on the board for an extended period. Overheating can lead to damage to both the iron and surrounding surfaces, as well as increase the risk of fire hazards.

4. Always unplug and inspect cords: After each use, remember to unplug the iron from the electrical outlet. Additionally, regularly inspect the cords for any signs of damage or wear. If the cord is broken, it can cause danger with electricity and needs fixing right away.

Tips for Ironing Different Fabrics

Tailor your ironing approach to different fabrics:

1. Adjust temperature settings: Customize the temperature settings on your iron based on the fabric type being ironed. For example, set the iron to low heat for delicate fabrics like acetate, medium heat for polyester, and high heat for sturdier fabrics such as cotton.

2. Use a pressing cloth: When ironing delicate or textured fabrics, such as silk or velvet, it's advisable to use a pressing cloth. Using a protective barrier stops the iron from touching the fabric directly, which lowers the chance of damage like burning or making the fabric shiny.

3. Exercise caution with embellished fabrics: When ironing fabrics adorned with sequins or embellishments, exercise caution to avoid melting or damaging the decorative elements. To keep your decorated fabrics safe while removing wrinkles, it's better to iron them on the inside out or use a cloth on top.


In conclusion, mastering the art of ironing with EazyIron elevates your ironing routine from mundane to satisfying. With our efficient service and dedication to quality, achieving wrinkle-free clothes becomes a breeze. So, embrace the ironing process, trust in our expertise, and revel in the crisp perfection of your garments. Happy ironing with EazyIron!

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