How to Properly Use a Steam Iron

How to Properly Use a Steam Iron
Apr 11, 2024

In every household, ironing becomes an essential chore as clothes often come out of storage or the wash looking creased. While garment steamers are a quick fix for light wrinkles, they fall short on clothes that need crisp lines or a neat appearance, such as pants, shirts, and suits. This is where the steam iron shines, blending the traditional ironing technique with steam for a smooth finish. Here's how to properly use a steam iron:

1. Getting Started: Fill with Cold Water

Begin by filling the iron's tank with cold water. This step is crucial to avoid the buildup of limescale, which can affect the performance of your iron over time. Using cold water ensures that the iron heats up properly, converting water into steam effectively.

2. Select the Appropriate Temperature

Fabrics vary in their tolerance to heat, so it's vital to select the temperature that suits the material you're ironing. Most irons come with a fabric guide, so consult this before you begin. If uncertain, start at a lower temperature and test on an inconspicuous part of the garment. It's better to be cautious than to risk damaging your clothes.

3. Let the Iron Reach the Set Temperature

Patience is key. Start ironing only when the iron reaches the set temperature. Beginning too early can lead to water leakage from the soleplate, which is often mistaken for a malfunction. This leakage happens because the iron isn’t hot enough to turn water into steam.

4. Effective Use of Steam

Steam is a powerful ally in ironing. It penetrates the fabric, relaxing fibers and removing wrinkles efficiently. For fabrics with a bit of sheen or items that need to regain their shape, steam ironing combined with gentle brushing can work wonders. Always use steam judiciously to avoid over-wetting the garment.

5. Cooling Down: Don't Rush to Closet

Resist the urge to immediately hang ironed clothes in the closet. Let them air on a hanger to ensure all the moisture from the steam has evaporated. This step is essential to prevent mold and keep your clothes looking their best.

6. Maintaining Your Iron: Scale Removal

Limescale can hinder your iron's performance. Most modern steam irons come with an anti-scale function. If yours doesn’t, a simple solution of vinegar and water can help. Fill the tank, heat up the iron, and let the steam release the buildup. Rinse the tank thoroughly afterward.

7. Post-Ironing Care

After each use, empty any remaining water. This prevents scale and prolongs the life of your iron. If the tank isn’t empty, let the iron steam out any leftover water before storing it upright. This ensures your iron is ready for its next use.

Advanced Tips for Stubborn Wrinkles

1. Filling the Tank Properly

Always ensure the iron is unplugged and cool before filling. Follow the max line indication to avoid overfilling. This prevents leakage and ensures optimal steam generation.

2. Temperature Adjustment

Clothes come with care labels that specify the suitable ironing temperature. Adjust your iron accordingly. Wait for the indicator light to signal that the iron has reached the desired temperature. This feature varies by model but is invaluable for preventing fabric damage.

3. Ironing Technique

Lay the garment flat on an ironing board. Begin ironing in long, smooth strokes, moving with the fabric's grain. This method helps evenly distribute steam, ensuring a wrinkle-free finish.

4. Dealing with Deep Creases

For persistent wrinkles, use the iron's spray function to dampen the fabric slightly, then iron over the area. Be cautious with fabrics that may water-spot and always check the garment's care label first.

5. Safety Measures

Always place the iron on its heel rest when not actively ironing. After use, unplug the iron and empty the water tank while it's still warm. Let the iron cool down completely on its heel rest before wrapping the cord loosely around it for storage.

Final Say

Using a steam iron effectively can make a significant difference in the appearance of your clothes, giving them a professional, crisp look. With practice, you'll find that ironing becomes a less daunting task and more of a satisfying chore, bringing a sense of accomplishment as you see the wrinkles disappear. Remember the points discuss by the professionals of EazyIron; the key to successful ironing lies in patience, the right temperature settings, and proper maintenance of your steam iron.

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